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September 25, 2010



Wow it looks like you put a lot of work in on that. It's very pretty!

Have a magical day, Kelly


Well it looks as if you are off to a great start with your Book Of Shadows.

Brightest Blessings,


Great post for the Practical Magic Blog Party. Beautiful Spell Book..


A delightfully enchanting and creative Book of Shadows! Great PM party post!

collette schildkraut

I love the idea of a Shadow Book. You did a great job with it...... My post was late.


Great spellbook! :)

-- Birgit


What a lovely book! Looks exactly like it belongs on a dusty old attic!

The Blue Faerie

These are beautiful! Did you do this with the computer, stamping, or by hand?

Aimee Jeffries

What a beautiful Book of Shadows! It looks passed down through generations written in quill pen, lovely!

Wendy Bearden

What a great Book of Shadows. I love it. The pages are just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me.
Spells and Wishes,
Wendy from Wonderland


Your Book of Shadows is lovely and truly enchanted.


Oh my goodness. That is exquisite! I hope you do not mind me asking, but was this done digitally or by hand and with/without stamps? Either way, it is beautiful, but I want to give you extra squeaks if you did all that calligraphy work by hand cause it just looks soooooo perfect. I WISH I could do that kind of hand lettering. So elegant.

faith, trust, and faerie dust!

Katy Cameron

Oh what a beautiful book, thank you for sharing your part in the party


Now this is truly beautiful. Looks just like something you see in the movie. I think I would like to try making one of my very own, now about making those spells work...hehe! Thanks for the inspiration.


Valerie Hart

Hi Kathy! Happy Practical Magic Party! One of my favorite movies! It's still going on... and so many blogs to visit! One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when young Sally is making and casting her Amas Veritas spell... adorable...

And the saying at the end of the movie,
"... fall in L*O*V*E whenever you can!

LOVE all of the spells in your post! Great job!

Hope you have a chance to fly by my blog for a "special spell" that I have for everyone!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´✻✻✻Lots of magical wishes, dreams and blessings to you and your family...

xoxo Valerie

Michelle Cummings

What a wonderful post! Love all your wicked delights! I hope you'll come "fly" over to my blog and see what I have been brewing!


Love your book. Makes me want to create one for my Halloween party. Good partying with you!

Spellbound In Salem

Oh great job. I love you BoS


amazing thanks for sharing may i ask where you got those pages to print on? did you do the edgings yourself?
thanks so much


I am absolutely enthralled by the work you've done, in addition to all of the other amazing creative things presented on your blog! You are my hero! What an artisan!!!


Wicked Cool. Where did you get the spells to print out?

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I am speechless after seeing these photos! I love them all! I teach kindergarten and I intend to make a theme of candy, and your photos have given me so many ideas! You are so talented! Thank you!

Annie| kids bean bag

Looks really gorgeous!!! Classic design, I'm loving it.

Janell Kendall

I know I am late in asking you this by about 2 years but what type of font did you use?

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