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September 24, 2009



Kathy, for not being someone who sews (me either!), you did a beautiful job with this wrist cuff!! Thank heavens for mothers!!!

And the one you received from Cassandra is stunning!


Wow, Kathy! Gorgeous!!

jessi nagy

Hey sweets,
these are gorgeous!!
i just learned how to make these this past weekend from ruth rae at kims event. They are so cool.
hope all is well
see ya at sb

Maija Lepore

Stunning Kathy! Your mom taught you well!


These are gorgeous, Kathy! :)


Kathy I simply LOVE the cuff you made Corinne! I am so glad you enjoyed the one I made for you! It's a pleasure to have you in our group!


Mandy Saile

What a neat collaborative project Kathy. You did a great job on your pink girly one and the one made for you is beautiful, very elegant, it seems to tie in perfectly with your blog banner and feel:D

Suz Reaney

They are both incredibly gorgeous! Glad to hear of another person who doesn't!


Fete et Fleur

You did a lovely job! The cuff truly is elegant.


Joanna {sweet finds}

Cute cuffs! I love them both... but there is something about pink & white. So soft & girlie.

I recently made 3 cuffs. Sold one for $18 at a vendor fair this past weekend. Which I was happy about. Money is money, right? Now, if I could sell a couple more before SB, I'll have $$ to spend. LOL hugs, Joanna


very pretty cuffs! happy weekend Kathy!
xo natalea


Both cuffs are gorgeous, and now I want to make one! Pretty terrific for your first (or almost) attempt with needle and thread. What a nice mom - still teaching her little girl.

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