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June 27, 2009


Theresa Huse

I just loved your tea party, art and cupcakes!! I hope you get a chance to stop by my party! Thanks for a wonderful time! ~Theresa

LiLi M.

Great colllage! And your cupcakes are amazing! I think I have another cupcake and some more tea!


Kathy! those cupcakes are unbelievable!! I love the red, white and black theme- you did an awesome job! xo natalea


Loved the cupcakes! Your Hatter is haute!!


Oh I LoVe! The cupcakes are fantastic!! Sorry, I took three... Love your digital art! Do stop by for tea with Alice and me...she's a bit wicked today. **blows kisses** Deborah

DellaRae DeZines

The cupcakes, the Mad Hatter and the collage are all wonderfully creative. Lovely party!


Those cupcakes are so beautiful! Great job! And the collages are pure inspiration! Thanks for sharing your talent!!!


Lovely collages and your cupcakes are decorated beautifully. I had a great time.


Fantastic cupcakes & art! Wow!


Ooooh those cakes! And your guests! Thank you so much for having me at your whimsical place. Come on over to my party - if you haven't quietly crept in already....

Renee Khan

Wonderful and by the way I could totally tell that was a crown.

Renee xoxo


This is my kind of party! LOVE the black white and red color scheme!

two crazy crafters

Your cupcakes were a delight! I would love to stay and have some more, but I must go it is getting late. Have a magical weekend! Twyla


What a great party! The Queen is positively scary! You did a fantastic job on the cupcakes, they are perfect for the theme!


Cori. G

Hello! I'm so so late for the party and am just dropping in. Yesterday I had a wedding to attend.

Your sister did an amazing job on those cupcakes...would you mind if I had one? Why thank you!
Did you see the Elizabeth's? Those are two of my favorite movies in life!!! Cate Blanchet did the most amazing job!!!

Happy Un-Tea Party Day!!!

xoxo Cori

Boxwood Cottage

I just loved your fabulous cup cakes!!!
Best wishes from Germany sends you


I love modern takes on a classic story/idea! Those cupcakes are awesome and your post makes me wonder who I'd have as the mad That last shot of the rose in the tea cup is gorgeous:) Off to visit the other guests~have a wonderful Sunday!


What a lovely tea. I love the scrumptious cuppy cakes. They are very fitting.

A very Merry Unbirthday!
Erin :)


What a beautiful Tea Party here, Kathy!
So beautiful, the cupcakes, the queen, the red roses. Spectacular post!


a fanciful twist

Thank you for the beautiful rosessssss!! Oh they are wonderful! Painted by the Queen's servants I bet ;) :)

Your cupckaes are just unreal. I mean, really, unreal!! Thank you for being such a magical part of WOnderland!!!

Rhonda Roo

And I love the queen, wow! Great madness abounds here!!!!

gypsy and ivy

Beautiful collages and your cupcakes are too cool! I love your teaparty. Great colors!

Sherry B

Your cupcakes are a delight! Thank you for visiting with me!


So sorry I'm late. I just escaped my own mad party.

I've had an enchanting time and your cupcakes are pure sugar magic. I could dine on them for a week they are so tempting.


The cupcakes looks so rich and super yummy! Cool works on the collages too. :-)

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