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March 16, 2008



I am the same way. I really have this inability to negotitate. I feel bad like I am hurting their feelings, please. Tuesaday I am going to this little vintage clothing and what not shop. She has it packed to the gills, don't know how it is not a fire hazard. I have somethings I want and I plan to negotiate, for now~
Love the rhinestones, that was a great buy!!


Wow! great find Kathy!
(when are you opening an etsy shop?...) xo natalea

jessi nagy

holy guacomole!!!!
10 bucks?
those pieces are gorgeous!!!
what a great find.


Drooling here at this very moment. Your negotiating skills rival mine (wink wink)...had I been told ten dollars for the whole pile I would have gone one step further and actually offered more. Sad but true. I'm pacing the floor in anticipation of your etsy shop. Hurry! Hurry! XO XO

Edgar and Edgar

WOW.....What a fabulous finds for 10.00. You scored!!!!!!



LOVE the rhinestones! And what a great deal.

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